How To Fix A Bumper Gap – Full Guide

How To Fix A Bumper Gap – Full Guide

There can be a gap in your car bumper if the plastic slides that hold the bumper together break. A gap can also appear due to an impact from an accident or aging.

A gap in the bumper limits it from offering protection to your car’s components.

And since bumpers are essential to your car, it’s vital to ensure that they’re in good condition. It includes dealing with gaps and looseness immediately you notice them.

Fixing The Bumper Gap

Read the article to understand how you can fix a bumper gap.

How Do You Fix A Bumper Gap?

You need first to identify the cause for the gap in your bumper. A bumper gap can be caused by damaged bolt holes or a broken mounting tab.

It could also be caused by bad clip mounts which cause the bumper to become loose.

To ascertain which one of the parts is faulty, pull your bumper from where there’s a gap, and identify which one of the parts is broken.

From here, you may know how to solve the problem. Broken clips and retainers need to be replaced.

You can repair damaged bolt holes or replace the whole car bumper. Alternatively, you can fix the gap using quick bumper releases.

How To Fix A Bumper Gap Caused By Broken Bumper Clips?

Bumper clips are what are used to hold the bumper into place. It’s no wonder you notice the gap between the fender and bumper when they get broken.

If the gap results from broken clips, all you need to do is to have them replaced with new ones.

Here are three quick steps to replace bumper clips:

  1. Loosen the screws using the screwdriver to remove the bumper.
  2. Identify the clips that need replacement and take them out.
  3. Install new clips and reattach the bumper.

How To Fix A Bumper Gap Caused By Broken Mounting Tabs?

Mounting tabs are welded into the bumper, and they fit perfectly on the car’s body. If broken, mounting tabs are bound to create a gap in your bumper.

The most common styles of mounting tabs are those with straight flanges and those with ‘curved’ flanges.

Broken bumper tabs are difficult to repair. You cannot repair them directly using adhesives since their surface is too small to stick.

It is why people sometimes opt to have the whole bumper replaced.

However, if you’re in to save some dollars, you can fix them yourself without having to replace the whole bumper through these easy steps:

  1. Collect all the needed materials. These include polypropylene rods, hand seamer, airless welder.
  2. Cut out the bar regardless of it being broken in one place. Since you’re going to add a layer of material on top of it, it’s essential first to thin it out. Thus, remove some part of the layer on each side of the slot using a die grinder. As you thin it out, ensure that the edge of the slot is thinner than the rest of the parts.
  3. Cut a polypropylene rod to match the width of the bar that you have just cut out.
  4. Apply aluminum tape on the gap. It creates a bridge that makes it easier to weld across.
  5. To weld, heat the rod and the bumper. When the rod sticks on the bumper, continue the welding process by laying the rod down. Do this until you reach the end of the slot.
  6. If you notice that the rod at the middle appears weak, you can weld the rod over again, this time starting at the end of the gap.
  7. Flatten the weld using a hand seamer to ensure uniform thickness. Do this when the rod is hot.
  8. Repeat the process as outlined above for the other side for maximum strength, from thinning out the layer to welding the rod onto the bumper.
  9. Use a hand seamer for uniform thickness and an airless welder to smoothen out the edges.
  10. Lastly, re-install the bumper on the car body using fasteners.

How to Fix A Car Bumper Gap

How To Fix A Bumper Gap Using Bumper Quick Releases?

A quick bumper release is affordable and easy to use. These fasteners allow you to easily attach the bumper to the car’s body, making the seam appear natural.

It makes them an economical option when you want to fix that gap in your bumper. Bumper quick releases also enable you to remove the bumper easily and quickly when need be.

Other car owners also use them to improve the appearance of their vehicles.

If your slot tabs or the bolt hole are broken, making the bumper lose, you can use quick bumper releases to fix this problem.

If there are gaps at each side of the bumper, you will need to buy one set of quick releases for each side of the bumper.

Follow this procedure to install quick releases:

  1. Ensure you have the necessary materials such as quick release fasteners, star screwdriver, drill, 5/32 Allen wretch, touch-up paint, 1/4 inch drill bit, 3/8 socket, electric drill, tape stickers.
  2. Crank the wheel in the opposite direction that you’re working on. It gives you enough room to work on the fender or bumper.
  3. First, a screwdriver loosens the fender liner and then pushes it aside. It allows you to get access to behind the bumper cover.
  4. The next step is to know where you want to position the fastener. To ensure that you have fixed the gap on the bumper correctly, ensure that one end fastener is on the fender and the other one on the bumper.
  5. Apply tape on the designated area. Now, mark the spot on the fender where you want the hole to be.
  6. Using a 1/4 inch drill bit, drill a hole on the spot and then take off the tape.
  7. Apply to touch up paint on the hole to prevent the exposed metal from rusting. Give it time to dry.
  8. Next, put the bolt through the fastener and then through the hole. Behind the fender, attach the washer and the nut to secure it.
  9. Put the O-ring on the first fastener and the second fastener, and then stretch it. Stretch it enough and apply enough tension to ensure a natural seam. Mark this spot.
  10. Drill on the spot and apply the touch paint.
  11. Put the second fastener and the bolt through the hole with the first fastener. Secure the underside with the washer and nut. Then put the o ring around the two fasteners.
  12. Lastly, reattach the fender-liner.


A bumper gap compromises the proper functioning of your car. This gap becomes worse if left untreated, making your vehicle appear like a piece of junk.

When the bumper is dangling, it can get in the way while driving, damaging your car’s components.

There are various ways to fix a bumper gap in your car, as mentioned above, and it includes replacing bumper clips, repairing or replacing damaged mounting tabs, or using quick release.

And if the damage to the bumper is beyond repair, you may need to buy a new bumper cover.