Enclosed Trailer To Toy Hauler Conversion

Enclosed Trailer To Toy Hauler Conversion

If you intend to perform the enclosed trailer to toy hauler conversion, there is a specific procedure that you must follow. Enclosed trailers have a timeless worth.

They always come in handy and hold the same resale value as the initial price.

There are several models of enclosed trailers available, each with particular dimensions. The most common are 6×12 or 6×10, while other sizes are also available.

Enclosed Trailer to Toy Hauler Conversion

The toy haulers allow you to store the vehicles such as motorbikes or bicycles and use them as a temporary garage facility.

In contrast, the enclosed trailer can act as a cargo or hauling space. The enclosed trailer to toy hauler conversion allows you to have a camper with a garage.

The Conversion Process

The entire process requires planning and analysis of your trailer.

You will have to incorporate a few changes for the enclosed trailer to toy hauler conversion, and the following are some of them.

Altering The Structure

Enclosed trailer to toy hauler conversion requires you to change the outer structure first. You must add doors, windows, AC vents, and exhaust spaces.

Adding AC vents depends on your preference and your place’s climate or intention to reach.

Simple camper windows are suitable for the trailer. You can place these windows on either side or add two at one end according to the size of the trailer.

You will have to form some space in the trailer by cutting out a precisely measured part through drilling.

Cut this part according to the window frame’s dimensions, which are slightly larger than the window. Once you fit in the frame, you can secure the glass.

The next step for the enclosed trailer to toy hauler conversion requires you to add the door.

Retractable screen doors are more convenient for the enclosed trailer to toy hauler conversion.

They prevent the mosquitoes, heat, rain, or storm from reaching the interior of your trailer.

Once you fix the door and the latch frame, you can add the screen and the rest of the body.

You may also have to install custom spacers to perfectly align your door to the space.

Adjusting To The Weather

Camping often takes you to places where the weather can be pretty extreme.

Therefore, you must adjust the enclosed trailer to the toy hauler conversion process according to these conditions.

Adding insulation can help you in the colder regions where you may experience freezing temperatures.

The type and thickness of insulation can vary according to your requirements and the size of the trailer.

However, below are general preferences for a 6×10 or 6×12 enclosed trailer to toy hauler conversion.

  • You can opt for an inch and a half of the R5 insulation layer for the walls.
  • The ceiling requires two inches of the R7 insulation layer.
  • On the floor, a two or two and half-inch R9 insulation.

Electrical System

Setting up the electrical system is another essential aspect of the enclosed trailer to toy hauler conversion.

It is more appropriate to use solar panels to get a constant energy supply. Attach the panels through wires to the exterior of the hauler.

Afterward, you can power the battery, sockets, and light sources.

You can directly draw a main power line from the panels and subdivide the supply to different sources.

Always ensure that the equipment that requires more energy receives high voltage.

Use an AC converter that changes the direct electric current into an alternate version.

The measure protects your appliances from damage. These include the battery, refrigerators, and air conditioners.

Furthermore, it would be best if you also stored a generator and extra battery for any unforeseen circumstances.

How To Convert Enclosed Trailer to Toy Hauler

Water Supply

You will need a consistent water supply for the enclosed trailer to toy hauler conversion. You must install a water holding tank in the trailer.

Use city water to fill this tank through a hose. Use a regulator with the hose and run some water to ensure that it remains clean and unclogged.

Once you fill the tank, you can start the water pump and transmit the water along the supply chain.

It has a predetermined pressure, but you can also adjust it during the installation process.

You can also add certain additives to the tank to maintain sanitary conditions.

The water hookups below the trailer are helpful when you come across an RV park where you can fill the tank.

In the case of dry camping, you should keep a portable tank so that the water supply does not cut off.

Adding Ramp Doors

For proper enclosed trailer to toy hauler conversion, have to insert a ramp door at the back of the trailer. A full ramp door allows you to load your motorbikes instantly.

Usually, you have two options for installing the ramp doors. You can either eradicate the trailer doors or keep them while adding the ramp.

If you choose the latter, you must opt for an adjustable iron ramp. You can fold it to keep it inside the trailer while you lock the doors.

In such enclosed trailer to toy hauler conversion cases, ensure some holders keep the ramp in place while the hauler is moving.

Other Features

Enclosed trailer to toy hauler conversion requires you to add kitchen cabinets and bedroom spaces. You can sanction a space for installing wooden cabinets.

Always ensure that they do not occupy most of the area in the trailer.

You can also add folding beds with a mattress or sleeping bag. People also prefer keeping refrigerators in the trailer.

These must not be full-scale and have a minimal size.

You can fit them into a corner and attach the voltage supply with the batteries that receive the power from the solar panel.

Factors To Consider

Following are some of the details you must consider during the enclosed trailer to toy hauler conversion.

Portable Solar Panels

Adjust the solar panels on top of the hauler to remain portable. You can park the trailer in the shadow while the panels stay in sunlight powering the hauler.

You must use long wires so that the connection does not disrupt even if you move the panels.

Efficient Water Pumps

These pumps help transfer the water from the main tank to the rest of the lines. Therefore, you must ensure that you use an exceptional tool.

Most water pumps also help you detect water leaks.

These silently work, so you might not even notice them. However, in the case of a leaking pipe, the pump may start producing noise.

It is an indicator that something is wrong with the water supply line.

Storage Facility

It would help if you always kept a storage facility in the hauler for your luggage or other items such as spare tires and toolbox.

Securing the Vehicles

It would be best to opt for some locks that keep your motorcycles or bicycles steady when the trailer is moving.


Enclosed trailer to toy hauler conversion requires specific steps to achieve success.

It would help if you ascertained that all necessary equipment is available in the hauler. You must also have a backup option in case anything becomes damaged.

These small details allow you to take your hauler anywhere during the camping.