Drive Start Control Malfunction – Explained

Drive Start Control Malfunction – Explained

A drive start control system is found in many vehicles, but it is more prevalent in the latest cars.

Many drivers complain about this system malfunction, which often occurs when the driver puts the wrong gear while the accelerator is pressed.

Drive Start Control Malfunction

If you run the ignition afterward, you will fail to drive the car.

In some cases, the brake system also locks, and you will notice specific indicators on the central meter.

According to these, you must contact an expert that can look further into the problem and solve it. These warnings do not go away unless you resolve the issue.

Causes Of Drive Start Control Malfunction

Following are some of the reasons that cause the drive start control malfunction.

Driving Mistakes

The primary reason that underlines the drive start control malfunction is when you simultaneously change gears.

It blocks the car’s ability to follow the protocol of a single gear. It usually happens when you panic while adjusting the forward and reverse gears.

The scenarios where you have to keep your foot on the accelerator and shift gears generate the drive start control malfunction.

If you reverse your car and there is a rock or ditch, and you instantly put it in forwarding gear without taking your foot off the accelerator, the system will malfunction.

Fuse Malfunction

Another significant factor that leads to drive start control malfunction is the problematic fuse – blown up fuses are not the only impediment to optimum engine functionality.

In some cases, the fuse wiring becomes faulty. Some wires may loosen up, as a result, the fuse detaches.

It is not usually an underlying cause for the drive start control malfunction.

However, some fuses are directly related to the components of the battery or central engine unit.

If the fault lies within such fuses, you might experience the control system breakdown.

Dirty ABS Connector

The connector is linked to the engine unit. It is primarily responsible for carrying out the brake function.

During emergencies, it mainly activates when you need to press the brake while the accelerator may or may not be pressed.

Over time the connector becomes rusted and accumulates a significant amount of debris.

The connector ends into specific sensors directly attached to the engine and synchronizes your pedal pressure according to the gear.

The rusted state of the connector makes it difficult for the system to perform the function efficiently. Therefore, it may also result in the drive start control malfunction.

Solutions To Drive Start Control Malfunction

Following are some ways to help you solve the drive start control malfunction.

Clean the ABS Connector

Take out the ABS connector and thoroughly clean it. It usually has a lot of moisture on its components.

Therefore, you should leave it in the air for some time before you reconnect it.

Once you clean the connector, it will efficiently send the signals to the engine unit through sensors.

As a result, the system can differentiate between the forward and reverse gears even if you accidentally keep the accelerator pressed.

By doing so, the probability of the drive start control malfunction significantly reduces.

Check the Cable Network

Ensure that all plugs and cables are securely attached. A complex network of cables lies at the bottom of the engine system.

Each one plays an essential role in the practical function of your car. Search for any detached plugs and wires.

If you find any, try attaching it yourself or contact an expert.

Functional Fuses

If you find any burnt fuses, you should take your vehicle to the professionals. However, if there are some detached fuses, you can fix them yourself.

Turn off the ignition and battery while performing the task to avoid accidents.

Top Causes Of Drive Start Control Malfunction

Clearance Sonar

Companies are striving to solve the issue of drive start control malfunction because It gives rise to accidents.

Therefore, a permanent solution can help people through such predicaments. The clearance sonar technology is a relatively new phenomenon.

It uses sonar to detect the object present nearby your car.

When you put in the forward and reverse gear, it scans your surroundings. If a potentially harmful object such as a rock is present, it will automatically activate the breaks.

Despite the position of your feet and the speed of your car, it will ensure that it performs its function efficiently.

You can avoid the panic that gives rise to this problem. Moreover, you will not have to change gears instantly to prevent any mishaps.

The technology assists you in applying brakes at the appropriate time to minimize the chances of accidents and drive start control malfunction.

Mechanism Of Drive Start Control Malfunction

The drive start control malfunction is also followed by the brake override malfunction.

The brake override system allows the car to be stopped even if the brake and the accelerator are pressed simultaneously.

The vehicle’s system indicates the brakes to override the accelerator. The brake’s impact takes over, and your car goes into a deceleration state.

Despite the strength of acceleration, the pressing of the brake pads stops or slows down the car.

With drive start control malfunction, this system also becomes non-functional. The brake pedals do not produce an effect irrespective of the accelerator state.

As long as the car goes through the drive start malfunction, you cannot accelerate it or stop it by pressing the brakes.

The only output car produces the light signals in the center. The vehicle also does not provide you with any information on the running engine.

You cannot assess its power and functionality during this mode.

Furthermore, there is no rpm meter rating present throughout this state to measure the total spinning cycle of the engine that ultimately provides it the power.

Even if you turn the ignition on several times, the results will not change.


What Method Is Most Suitable For Fixing Drive Start Control Malfunction?

It is necessary to find the primary factors responsible for fixing the drive start control malfunction.

However, it might be challenging to pinpoint the exact fault if you are not an expert. Therefore, you must apply all the techniques to get your car functional.

You can apply one method and check for progress by turning on the ignition. It will allow you to find the particular step that led to the solution.

How Can I Avoid Drive Start Control Malfunction?

The most appropriate way to avoid such inconveniences is carefully operating the vehicle.

Whenever you drive on a bumpy road that might require shifting gear, instantly ensure that you do not fix your foot on the accelerator.

In such cases, it is better if you slightly place your foot on the brake or accelerator.

Forcefully pressing the pedals can cause the malfunction, therefore, control your foot’s movement.


Drive start control malfunction is often a nuisance for drivers because most do not know how to approach the issue.

Therefore, they should thoroughly check the engine to find out the faults.

Assess the various compartments in the engine that are linked to gear shifting, brakes, and accelerator.

If you are inexperienced in this domain, it will be better to contact professionals.