6 Best Car Decoration Ideas For A Parade

6 Best Car Decoration Ideas For A Parade

Car Decoration Ideas for a Parade

For the past few months, there has been a lot of craze for drive-by celebrations of all kinds. Not only have the drive-by brought joy to the people being celebrated, but they are also fun to watch.

They may be different from the usual parties that we’re used to, but people have become creative and created memorable moments.

When coming up with decorations, don’t forget to consider what the individual you’re celebrating loves. For instance, their preferred color. It is also essential to consider safety when decorating your car. You don’t want to block your way or that of the cars behind you in the parade.

In this post, we will highlight some of the best car decoration ideas for a parade. These are as follows:


Balloons Are Great For A Car Parade

Balloons are common in all celebrations. Whether it’s a graduation, birthday, bridal party, promotion, name it… You will always find balloons. That’s why having balloons as part of your car parade will make the celebration lively.

Balloons come in several shapes, sizes, and colors; hence, giving you several options to go with depending on the celebration.

There are several ways that you can decorate your car using balloons. You can tie some inflated balloons to the antenna or side mirrors of the vehicle.

Alternatively, you can tape them on the car’s roof, trunk, or even hood. No matter where you tie or tape the balloons, ensure they don’t obstruct your view as you drive.

Mix and match different types of balloons. Tape animal balloons on top of the car’s roof and tie inflated balloons to the antenna. At the same time, oversized balloons are perfect for taping on the car’s trunk. These will make your car look festive and unforgettable.

Celebratory Signs

After deciding the balloons that you will use for decor, the next step is to choose celebratory signs. These help in announcing the event or calling out the name of the person being celebrated.

Draw your idea in chalk and color it using markers and paints. Afterward, brush a coating of glue on some of the drawings and letters. Finally, splash some glitter on the wet glue for a sparkling sign(s). Attach the celebratory sign on the car where the individual being celebrated can see it.

If possible, attach the sign on both sides of the car so that people on the parade can see them as well.

The best celebratory signs should have eye-catching colors to create attention. You can also use glitters and sturdy poster boards.


inflatables For A Car Parade

Even though balloons are amazing, you should go the extra mile and come up with a unique décor. There is a high chance that many people in the parade will have balloons attached to their cars.

So, instead of just attaching balloons, you can also attach large inflatables.

The inflatable can be for animals or uniquely shaped large balloons. Whatever inflatable you choose, they should match with the event’s theme. If the person being celebrated loves animals, you can acquire a large inflatable with the shape of a bear or even a bird.

Large inflatables should be tied around the roof. Use wire twist-ties to tie them on your car’s roof.

Streamers And Stickers

Streamers and Stickers can also be used for décor in a car parade. Streamers can be bought from a party supply store. With a variety of designs and colors to choose from, streamers can be mixed and matched.

As a result, it is easy to create a car décor that matches the theme of the celebration.

Streamers and Stickers For A Car Parade

Moreover, streamers can be customized on the car to create an appealing sight. For instance, you can tape one end to the high end of the vehicle and another on the lower end. You can also create a pattern to come up with a unique design.

Aside from streamers, you can also use car stickers. Unlike streamers that have to be twisted and rolled to create a beautiful design, stickers are easy to decorate. These are ready-made, and you only have to stick them on the car’s window, bumper, or body.

To make the décor more appealing, you can create an animated sticker of the person you’re celebrating, then twist the streamer around the sticker to form an eye-catching décor.

Chalk It Up

A quick and easy way to decorate your car for a parade is by chalking it up. Use window chalk or window markers to write special messages. Besides, you can also draw beautiful designs on the window glass with a message. The design should match the theme of the celebration.

Unlike permanent car markers, window chalk is temporary, making it perfect for car parades.

Apply the window chalk or window marker on the window glass as it can damage your car’s paint. Furthermore, only apply the chalk on the side and rear windows, not the driver’s window. It can create an obstruction and lead to an accident.

Colored Duct Tape

Colored duct tape is another unique way of decorating your car. Unlike other decorations, duct tape will also be used to attach signs and lights. Meaning, you will kill two birds using one stone. Besides, duct tape won’t hurt your car’s paint.

What’s more, you can write short and fun messages on it. Also, you can sketch some drawings on the colored duct take using markers.

Final Thoughts

Hosting a car parade for someone special?

If you’re thinking of hosting a car parade for someone special, these car decoration ideas should help you out. You don’t have to postpone the special day celebration because of the restrictions in place.

Share these ideas with the people you intend to celebrate with so that the parade appears unique and special. We wish you all the best as you celebrate a birthday, graduation, or even promotion!