BMW Connected Drive Not Working – 11 Possible Issues

BMW Connected Drive Not Working – 11 Possible Issues

The BMW connected drive comprises software that works together to make your BMW safer and more convenient. It also boosts its infotainment capabilities.

For instance, with a BMW-connected drive, you will be able to operate most of your car’s features using your smartphone, Amazon Echo, or even smartwatch.

Causes of BMW connected drive not working

But since this system relies on signals and one or more software, it can stop working.

When it does, it can ruin your day, mainly when you are used to relying on it to manage your daily needs.

Therefore, it’s vital to understand what makes it stop working and how to fix it to resume using its features.

Below are the possible reasons behind a malfunctioned BMW-connected drive.

1. You Are Out Of Subscription

The BMW connected drive needs an annual subscription. Therefore, if it has abruptly stopped working, you might want to re-subscribe to it.

It is important to note that this feature is usually free for the first three months; hence, you must pay for the following subscription if it has stopped working.

You will receive an alert telling you that you are out of the subscription in most cases. But due to other reasons, you may fail to notice it.

So, the only way to know if you have run out of subscriptions is by checking the last time you paid for it or the date you installed the BMW connected drive.

2. Outdated Version

Like any other app, you must update the BMW drive now and then. It is because its software will develop bugs over time.

Therefore, if the BMW connected drive suddenly stops working, it is outdated, and updating it will resolve the issue.

If you were installing it for the first time, there is a high chance that you installed the wrong version; hence you may want to check it.

But to avoid getting into this situation, you should first check the newer version of BMW connected drive on the internet before installing it.

3. You Missed Some Steps When Installing It

For the BMW-connected drive to work, there are steps that you must follow when installing it.

For instance, its last step involves verifying your account by clicking on a link sent to your email address. If you fail to verify your account, this feature will not work.

So, if you are a first-time user, you should confirm if you have verified your BMW connected drive account. Luckily, this is task won’t take much of your time.

4. Many Users Are Using The Feature

Every software is designed to handle a certain amount of workload. If this limit is exceeded, the software will crash.

So, if your BMW-connected drive stops working, there is a possibility that it has crashed due to many users.

Sometimes rebooting will resolve the problem, but if it persists, the problem is beyond your ability.

In this case, you should give the BMW team some time to resolve the issue.

5. Low Storage Space In Your Phone

Are you running low on phone storage space? If so, you don’t have to look further for what is causing the BMW-connected drive not to work.

For this BMW feature to work, the signals shared between it and your phone should not be interrupted.

If your smartphone is running low on memory storage, it will start hanging.

It will interrupt the phone-BMW connected drive signals; hence the BMW connected drive will not work.

Fortunately, clearing unnecessary items on your phone will create more space to resolve the problem.

6. Phone Battery Is Low

A low phone’s battery will also make the BMW-connected drive not work. Your phone’s processor relies on the battery voltage to work.

If the processor does not work optimally, the phone will have a poor internet connection. It will, in turn, affect the signals shared between your phone and this feature.

So, if your phone’s battery is low, try to recharge it and see if it fixes the problem.

If the issue persists, something else is responsible for the BMW connected drive not working.

BMW connected drive not working

7. Compatibility Issue

The BMW-connected drive can only work if compatible with your android version.

So, if it is not working, you should check its manual to see if you are using the correct android version.

If the feature had been working but started malfunctioning when you updated it, the new version may not be compatible with your smartphone or watch.

In such a situation, upgrading the android version will sort out the problem.

8. Your Account Is Deactivated Or Banned

If you enter the wrong login details many times or if there is suspicious activity in your account, the BMW team will be prompted by the car to deactivate or ban it.

Also, your account can be deactivated if it stays dormant for long. When your account is deactivated, the BMW-connected drive will not work.

But you can contact the BMW team via social media or other means of communication, asking them to reactivate it.

Bear in mind that when you do so, you will be subjected to security checks such as being requested to provide your email address, password, security pin, etc.

9. Bad Weather Conditions

Do you know that bad weather conditions can make your BMW-connected drive not work?

Bad weather conditions such as heavy rains will interfere with the internet or Bluetooth signals.

Poor signals will make your phone not connect to the BMW-connected drive, and as you already know, the feature won’t work without such a connection.

So, if it is raining and this feature comes on and off, you don’t have to worry since it will eventually work, usually when the rain diminishes.

10. Your WIFI Or Internet Subscription Is Due

As you already know, the BMW-connected drive cannot work without an internet connection.

So, if the internet connection has stopped due to a subscription, you won’t be able to use the feature.

Luckily, by checking your WIFI level and renewing the subscription, the feature will start functioning.

11. Faulty Car Battery

Your car’s battery powers your BMW-connected drive. Therefore, if your car battery malfunctions, it won’t be able to supply enough voltage to run this feature.

If this feature works for a while when you stop the car before shutting down, it is due to a bad battery.

So replacing the battery with a new one will make it work properly.

In Summary

The BMW connected drive has made driving more beautiful. But sometimes, this feature stops working, ruining our moods and even interfering with the car’s functioning.

Therefore, knowing what makes it stop working can come in handy when we need its services.

You should check many things when the BMW-connected drive fails to work.

They include compatibility issues, battery conditions, weather conditions, login credentials, your subscription, its version, etc.

Some of these issues go away by themselves, while others may need you to resolve them. Hence knowing the exact cause will help you understand how to fix it.

Also, by knowing its causes, you will be able to avoid costs associated with its repairs.