Best 6 Garage Pegboards (Review) – How To Keep Your Tools Organized?

Best 6 Garage Pegboards (Review) – How To Keep Your Tools Organized?

A pegboard is essential for any garage. It keeps your tools secure and well-organized. Your tools with different sizes are arranged neatly, where they are easy to locate.

You don’t have to search for a particular tool when you need it, which saves you time.

In this article, we will look at some of the best garage pegboards in the market. We will discuss their features, so you have a better idea of which pegboard suits your requirements.

We will also discuss the features you should consider while selecting a pegboard.

Best Garage Pegboards

Here is a list of some of the best pegboards for garages.

Best Overall

Wall Control Pegboard Organizer

Wall Control Pegboard Organizer 4 ft. Metal Pegboard Standard Tool Storage Kit with Galvanized Toolboard and Black Accessories

What We Like In This Product

What we like about this pegboard is its metal construction. The metal pegboard ensures a long life, and the quality metal won’t rust or degrade with time. It’s a lifetime purchase that would keep your tools well organized.

Product Overview

Wall Control Pegboard Organizer is a metal pegboard that makes everything you need in the garage or other workstations easy to locate.

Its metal construction makes it 10 times durable than other pegboards. It’s a good-quality board that is wide enough to accommodate all your tools.

The 4 feet pegboard has plenty of space to hang any kind of tools or racks, where you can find them easily. Just think of the amount of clutter it will hang on your wall, leaving your workspace more organized and clean.

The pegboard accepts 1/4’inch pegs that are what we usually use for hanging different tools.

You should always check the size of pegs before you buy them, as some manufacturers make smaller pegs that would not hang securely in this pegboard. Loose pegs can easily drop or come off with the weight of the tool.

The pegboard is sturdy enough to withstand not even tools but t small shelves. You can organize your workstation by mounting pegs, hooks, paper towels, shelves, or any accessories easily. You can organize all sorts of tools and other essentials with the right accessories.

The pegboard is easy to install. You don’t require any framework. It can be mounted directly on studs or sheet rocks that make it super secure. It won’t go off easily with the weight of tools.

The metal pegboard has a magnetic finish. Magnet keeps your metal-made tools at their place, making it impossible for them to fall off the pegs.

The pegboard comes with all accessories. The package includes everything you need to mount it on the wall.

Overall, it’s a sturdy pegboard that would last longer than any plastic or wood pegboard.


  • Durable metal construction.
  • Magnetic base.
  • Excellent and high-quality finish.
  • It comes with all mounting accessories.
  • Suits busy workstations as it allows all types of tools.


  • Accepts only ¼ inch hooks.
  • Bit pricey.

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Wall Control 30-p-3232gv

Wall Control 30 P 3232GV Galvanized Steel Pegboard Pack

What We Like In This Product

What we really like about this product is its affordable price. It’s another metal pegboard that comes at a very reasonable price. So those on a strict budget can make use of this product comfortably.

Product Overview

This one is a metal constructed pegboard that offers a secure storage place for all your tools. Metal is more sturdy as compared to plastic or even wood pegboards.

Another great advantage of having a metal pegboard is its magnetic and galvanized finish. It not only looks superior quality but remains a secure place for your expensive tools.

The galvanized panels are durable and offer a long-term solution for sorting out your garage essentials. Its steel panels prevent the holes from fraying or wearing out with time.

The pegboard comes in 32×32 inches panels that are enough for any small to medium size of professional use. It is a bit large for home use but an excellent solution for your home garage if you have too many tools to hang.

The pegs allow shelves, hooks, brackets, bins, and all other accessories. A variety of accessories will help you sort out different tools, bottles, keys, or papers, and even machinery in a well-organized manner.

The easy to install unit does not require any framework. You can mount it easily on studs or sheet rocks.

The pegboard is available in different colors, and you can choose the color you fancy or the one that suits the interior of your garage.

It’s a budget-friendly option that suits those who already have some accessories, or who are looking to buy only accessories they need separately. The package does not include accessories. You have to purchase accessories separately.


  • An affordable option.
  • Durable steel construction.
  • Lifetime Guarantee.
  • It comes with mounting hardware.
  • Easy to install.


  • It does not include accessories.

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Azar 900945-wht Pegboard

Azar 900945 WHT Pegboard Room Organizer, White Pegboard

What We Like About This Product

What we really like about this pegboard is its light weight. It’s a plastic pegboard that is easy to install. Unlike the metal pegboards that are heavy, this one is easy to lift and install.

Product Overview

Azar 900945 is a complete pegboard kit. It comes with all the accessories that you would need for organizing your tools and other essentials in any workshop, garage, or even office.

It’s a small pegboard, especially if we compare it to some other options on our list. So it better suits home users or hobbyists who want to organize their stuff.

The pegboard allows you to arrange not only pegs for stationing tools but it also provides you with ample space for keeping your bottles and other essentials in the form of shelves.

The pegboard comes with standard holes. With 0.25-inch peg holes, you can mount any pegboard accessory that you want. You must fit in the right size of peg holes to keep your tools and other essentials safe.

The pegboard keeps your place clutter-free by organizing all the tools. You can make use of it not only in big size garages, but it works well in art and craft class.

The pegboard kit includes all the essential accessories like cup holders, shelves, peg holes, U shape hooks, and divider bins. It has not only plastic hooks, but you would also get more secure metal hooks that are more secure and can be used for heavy machinery.

The pegboard is made of plastic, but it has a solid construction. It is made of high-quality molded plastic that would last long.

The pegboard comes at a very reasonable price. Metal pegboards are sturdy, but they are also costly. This one made of plastic is affordable easily.


  • Affordable Price.
  • A complete kit.
  • It comes with all types of accessories.
  • Easy to mount.
  • Strong and sturdy.


  • Plastic construction may not hold secure some cumbersome tools.

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Pegboard Organizer 8 Ft Wall Control Pegboard

Pegboard Organizer 8 ft Wall Control Pegboard Master Workbench Kit with Blue Toolboard and Black Pegboard Hooks

What We Like About This Product

What we like about this product is its size. It’s an extra-large pegboard that is specifically designed for big workshops and busy garages. It’s an 8 ft wide pegboard that is essential for places with a lot of tools.

Product Overview

This one is a patented product out of the line of Wall control pegboards that are essential for any garage. It offers a lifetime solution for sorting out your tools.

The pegboard is made of durable steel. The metal construction makes it not only durable enough, but it also renders it the ability to hold heavy tools easily. Plastic pegboards may not withstand the weight of heavy tools like a shovel, hammer, or other strong tools.

The pegboard allows for the versatile use of accessories. The numerous holes will enable you to add in pegs of 1/4-inch.

You can adjust simple pegs, shelves, and almost all types of assorted accessories. It keeps your workshop organized. Tools are easy to locate, and no time is wasted in looking for the right tools.

The best part of having this pegboard is an enormous supply of accessories. It comes with a complete kit of accessories that includes almost everything you need in your garage.

The pegboard comes with an easy-to-install unit. You don’t need any fancy framework for mounting it on the wall.

The pegboard comes in many beautiful and bright colors. You can select the color that compliments the interior of your workplace and blends in easily, enhancing its beauty.

It’s a bit expensive, pegboard, but its durable construction, metal building, and full size make it more expensive. It also brings a large number of accessories that add up to its cost making it more suitable for big professional workshops.


  • 8 ft wide pegboard offers a lot of space for your tools.
  • Sturdy and long-lasting.
  • It comes with a complete kit of accessories.
  • Easy to mount pegboard.
  • Magnetic and durable powder-coated finish.


  • Expensive pegboard that suits only big workshops.

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Camco Peg Board

Camco Peg Board Safely Store and Organize Your Tools Measures 19 Inches x 15.5 Inches x .44 Inches

What We Like About This Product

It’s a Polymer constructed pegboard that you can hang on walls with the help of screws. It is a simple and affordable product that is a must-have item in garages.

Product Overview

Camco is a simple pegboard that offers a great storing space for your small and big tools. It’s a plastic pegboard and a cost-effective option as well.

The Polymer constructed pegboard is lightweight and straightforward to mount. You can fix it on a wall with the help of screws. It does not require any framework at all.

The pegboard comes with standard ¼-inch holes that you can use for mounting accessories.

As it is screwed to the wall, you don’t have to worry about the pegboard coming down with the weight of tools. The pegboard remains secure even if you hang a lot of tools or other things on it.

It’s a 19×15-inches pegboard that is reasonable enough for garages, workplaces, and workshops.

The pack comes with two pegboards that give you plenty of space for placing all types of tools.

The pegboard allows you to place all types of accessories with the standard size of pegs.

It’s a cost-effective pegboard that does not come with any accessories at all. It only provides the pegboard, and you have to buy the accessories to mount your tools.


  • Affordable Pegboard.
  • Includes two boards in a pack.
  • Easy to install pegboard.
  • Durable construction.
  • Keeps your workplace organized.


  • It does not include any accessories. You have to buy them separately.

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Ultrawall Garage Storage

Ultrawall Garage Storage, 48x36 inch Pegboard with Hooks Garage Storage Bins Tool Board Panel Tool Organizer

What We Like In This Product

What we like in this product is its versatility. It will accommodate not only garage tools, but you can store your other bigger tools like axes, hammers, or shovels conveniently.

Product Overview

This one is another excellent option for big workshops and other workplaces. It’s a wide storage panel that has multiple hooks, shelves, pegs, or other accessories. With 72 pcs pegboard, you can securely mount anything on the wall.

The pegboard is made of supreme quality steel that can hold up to 200 lbs. You can hang many tools, packages, personal items, towels, or other bottles that you have in your workstation.

The powder-coated steel has a magnetic surface that holds up the iron-made tools securely. It won’t let your tools slip on the ground.

It comes with all the required accessories that you need in a busy garage. The sleeves, shelves, hooks, pegs, and other tool holders are made of strong material as well.

Not only bins, hooks, and pegs, it comes with sleeves as well that allow you to save a lot of clutter safely. The rubber-coated sleeves are perfect for holding any small or big items. You can put screws, pins, nuts, nails, or any other small items in these sleeves.

The pegboard comes with an easy-to-install unit. It needs a frame for securely mounting on the wall, but once it is securely fixed, it will hold up all types of heavy tools, machinery, and other essentials. The variety of accessories allow you to make use of it for securely placing almost anything in your garage efficiently. The unit comes with a complete installation guide.

The accessory pack includes shelves, rails, small hooks, short multi-purpose hooks, mini hooks, and garage bins. It completely covers all your needs.


  • 72 Pcs pegboard.
  • Powder-coated metal construction.
  • Multiple accessories.
  • Easy to install the unit.
  • Holds up 1200 lbs.


  • It’s a pricey unit

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Buying Guide Of Pegboards

Pegboards come in different sizes, materials, and colors. All you need to do is to be careful of some features to avoid inconvenience later.

We have rounded up a list of things you need to consider while selecting a Pegboard.


It’s the most critical factor that you need to consider while you are selecting a pegboard. The size of your required pegboard depends on what purpose you are buying a pegboard for.

Pegboards are available in different sizes. You can choose an extra-large pegboard if you are going to mount it in a professional garage or workshop.

The size should depend on the number of tools you want to organize. If you need a pegboard for hanging your art and craft material, you may not need an extra-large 8 ft wide pegboard.

Even for a house garage, you need a regular size pegboard that would accommodate your household tools and gears.

However, if you are a professional and looking to mount several small to big tools, accessories, shelves, and other essentials, you should consider buying a wider pegboard.

So choose the size appropriate to your needs, the size of the garage, and the number of tools you want to organize.


Pegboards are available in different materials. They differ in their construction. The type of material used in their construction determines their quality and price.

Metal pegboards are more expensive as compared to plastic ones. Here are a few examples of material you would find in pegboards.


Plastic pegboards are lighter than metal pegboards. They are easy to afford, as well.

Plastic pegboards are made of high-quality, durable plastic-like Polymer or other double-duty plastic that is not easy to break. They may not be as durable as metal pegboards, but they serve the purpose of organizing your tools. They suit hobbyists, students, or those at home who are looking for a small and affordable pegboard for organizing their stuff.

They may not work well in a professional atmosphere where you have too heavy tools that may not hang well on plastic pegboard.


Hardboard pegboards are beautiful and look great. But they also have their limitations. While selecting a hardboard pegboard, you need to be sure of the quality of the wood.

If you settle on a cheap hardboard pegboard, you may have to compromise on quality to some extent.

You have to be sure the hardboard material Is not used in a humid atmosphere. Hardboard Materials may not be as durable as metal or even plastic ones, but they are sturdy enough to withstand the weight of your tools.


Metal pegboards are best for professional garages. They are sturdy and long-lasting.

One of the great advantages of a metal pegboard is its magnetic finish. The magnetic base keeps the tools at their place.

Metal pegboards are strong enough to handle any tools, equipment, or machines. They have a premium look and may cost more than wooden or plastic pegboards.

Size Of Holes

Not all pegboards come with the same quantity of peg holes. If you already have some accessories or need to hang specific types of accessories, then choose the pegboard accordingly.

All pegboard comes with holes distances at 1 inch, but they may differ in the size of holes.

The standard size of holes for pegboards is 0.25 or 1/4-inch holes. But some accessories are made with smaller holes like 1/8-inch. So always look at the size of holes when choosing a pegboard so that it may utilize your existing accessories.

Accessory Kit

Not all pegboards come with a complete set of accessories. Some of them come with a set of accessories, some are only pegboards, and you need to buy the accessories separately.

The pegboards with accessory kits are expensive than the simple boards. But separate accessories add to the price of pegboard, making it almost of the same price as the one with accessories.

Pegboards are useful only when you have the right accessories. Accessories allow you to mount different tools securely. You don’t need only pegs for tools; some shelves and bins help you manage and accommodate any tools and garage machinery.

Here are some accessories mentioned.

  • Pegs: Pegs are a simple way of mounting your tools. It allows you to hang the tools on the pegboard.
  • Hooks: Hooks are for the same purpose. You can hang your tools in pegs, but they are shaped like hooks that prevent the tools.
  • U-Shaped Slotted Pegs: U-shaped pegs are for heavier and bigger tools. Instead of hanging, These are used for placing the extension cords or cordless drills.
  • Curved Tip Hooks: They have a curved tip at the end of the hook. The hooks are more stable and secure. The hooks are great for mounting packaging taps, circular saws, buckets, baskets, or backpacks.
  • Handle Brackets: these are used for hanging heavy-duty hammers, shovels, sledgehammers, or other heavy tools.
  • Shelves: Shelves are excellent for storing items that cannot be hanged. These shelves can be used for organizing bottles, glues, polish, or other essentials in the garage. Even shelves are available with different designs and storage options. Some deep shelves or holders are convenient for storing different small tools, keys, and other tiny items.
  • Drill holders: Drill holders are special holders that are designed to hold drill machines or other such machinery securely.
  • Bins: Bins are great for placing smaller things. You can make use of these bins for organizing smaller items that cannot be hanged.

Besides these, there is a lot more variety available that you can use for organizing your garage clutter.


Make sure you choose an easy-to-install yet secure pegboard. The pegboard used for hanging heavy tools must be securely fixed on the wall, or it can easily drop off.

Different pegboards are installed in different ways. Some require simple screws that can be drilled into the wall. Others require some framework that is used to mount the pegboard securely.


Pegboards are available in different colors. You can choose the one that suits the best in your garage’s interior.

If you are more concerned about aesthetics, you can select a pegboard with a color that stands out in your garage, making it look prominent with all your tools arranged in a systematic and organized way.

Load Capacity

This one is an important thing to consider if you are buying a pegboard for the garage.

Almost all tools are made of heavy iron. If you hang them on an insecure and lightweight pegboard, the unit will not withstand the weight of machines and tools.


The price of pegboard depends on your budget. You can get a pegboard in a very cost-effective range, but it may not be as long-lasting as the one with heavy material.

It won’t come with multiple accessories, and you can’t expect a magnetic finish as well.

Plastic pegboards are easily affordable, but they may not be as secure as steel ones.

You may save some bucks on these units, but in the end, you will have to replace these pegboards sooner or later.

Metal pegboards are heavy and expensive. But they offer lifelong durability, excellent finish, and a permanent solution for your disorganized garage.

Final Thought

Pegboard is key to a well-organized garage. It keeps your place clutter-free and allows you to arrange all tools aside. They offer great convenience by keeping everything in the garage ready to locate.

But, you can’t just choose any pegboard. It should suit your workplace in terms of size, installation method, material, and durability. Make sure you consider everything and choose one that suits your garage needs.