Best 6 Portable Car Battery Chargers Reviewed & Buyer’s Guide

Best 6 Portable Car Battery Chargers Reviewed & Buyer’s Guide

One of the biggest challenges drivers face is a dead battery that cannot start. The situation can be even worse if the battery breaks down in a remote area. This means you have to wait for hours before another car shows up to jump-start yours.

But with the right portable car battery charger, you would never waste time. All you need to do is find the right car jump starter for your vehicle and get going. However, there are so many portable car battery chargers on the market, and selecting the best can be somehow challenging.

In this review, we have chosen the best portable car battery chargers. We also included a detailed guide to help you know what features to look at.

Best Overall

Stanley J5C09 Power Station Jump Starter

STANLEY J5C09 Power Station Jump Starter

What We Liked Most About This Product

First on our list is the Stanley J5C09, suitable for jump-starting cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, trucks, RV, and even ATV.

Producing 500 cranking amps and 1000 peak amps, this is a powerful unit that will come to your rescue when you need it most. It is easy to use and has a 12-volt DC outlet.

Product Overview

The Stanley J5C09 portable charger not only helps to jump-start cars but also inflates tires as it features a 120 PSI air compressor. On top of that, it has a USB port for charging your mobile phone and several other electronics.

The unit is straightforward to recharge by using a standard household extension cord, sold separately. The manufacturer recommends the user to recharge it after every 30 days when it is not in use.

The battery charger is also safe to use as it comes with a reverse polarity alarm that alerts the user in case of a bad connection. Besides, it features a high-powered LED light that rotates up to 270 degrees to illuminate the dark. Therefore, you can change your punctured tire or even jump-start your car at night.

Equipped with a 12V DC outlet and USB port, you can utilize it to recharge your electronic devices. Aside from that, it has a reverse polarity alarm to prevent a bad connection. With a one-year limited warranty, this is a good investment for drivers who don’t want to be caught unaware.


  • Helps to inflate tires as it has a 120 air compressor
  • No more improper connection with the reverse polarity alarm
  • Exceptional 500 cranking amps and 1000 peak amps
  • The USB port enables the user to charge mobile and other electronic devices
  • LED light rotates 270 degrees to allow you to work on your car in the dark
  • 1-year warranty


  • This unit is quite heavy
  • The jump starter is large and not ideal for carrying in your backpack


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NOCO Boost Plus GB40 Lithium Jump Starter

NOCO Boost Plus GB40 1000 Amp 12V UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter

What We Liked Most About This Product

Noco Boost is one of the leading car battery charger brands on the market. The Noco Boost Plus GB40 lithium jump starter is one of the best selling units, and it comes with many wonderful features.

This car jump starter can be used to jump-start both lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries with a 12v outlet.

Product Overview

The Noco Boost Plus GB40 offers outstanding peak amps of 1000, enabling it to handle a wide range of vehicles. Additionally, it is very safe to use as it is equipped with reverse polarity protection and spark-proof technology.

You can utilize it to jump-start a dead battery in seconds on a wide range of vehicles– both gasoline (up to 6.0L) and diesel (up to 4.5L).

Besides, this car battery charger has an LED flashlight with seven light modes for versatility. This means that you not only have a powerful jump starter but a flashlight that you can use in different scenarios. The light modes include low, medium, high, flashing, SOS, and strobe modes.

Similar to many other latest car jump starters, the NOCO boost plus GB40 portable car battery charger can be used to recharge your mobile phone, tablets, digital camera, and other electronic devices. One of this unit’s unique features is that it can hold its charge for almost a year, thus making it very reliable.

Featuring a one-year warranty and free lifetime customer support, this is an excellent investment. It is also easy to store in your backpack or glove box due to its compact design. Use this unit to jump-start your car, boat, truck, ATV, motorcycle, etc.


  • Compact and portable
  • Powerful unit
  • Versatile as it can jump-start both lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries
  • The USB port for recharging mobile, tablet, and other electronics
  • Can jump start up to 20 cars when fully charged
  • An LED flashlight with seven light modes for a wide range of purposes


  • It is quite expensive when compared to similar units
  • Short warranty for only one year


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GOOLOO 800A SuperSafe Car Jump Starter with USB

GOOLOO 800A Peak 18000mAh SuperSafe Car Jump Starter with USB

What We Liked Most About This Product

GOOLOO 800A Super Safe car jump starter is one of the safest car battery chargers that you will find on the market.

Featuring multiple safety attributes such as overload protection, high-temperature protection, over-current protection, over-charge protection, and over-voltage protection, you can jump-start your car’s dead battery without worrying about any danger.

Product Overview

This car battery charger is also compatible with cars, SUVs, watercraft, motorbikes, ATVs, lawnmowers, and much more. It can jump-start most 12-volt gasoline engines up to 7.0L and diesel engines up to 5.5L. Moreover, it is unique in that it comes with dual USB output.

One of the USB ports offers faster recharging to your electronic devices like mobile, tablet, or even camera.

The unit has an LED light with three light modes: the flashlight, strobe light, and SOS light for many uses. Aside from that, the battery recharges quickly within 5 hours, and it can hold a charge for 3 or more months.

Additionally, it has a charge indicator that alerts you when the battery is low and needs recharging. With 1000 plus cycles, this is a potent car battery charger that will serve you for over a more extended period.

It has an 18, 000mAh capacity that produces up to 800 amps of peak current. Since it has a 12V/10A output, this unit will power different car products such as the car refrigerator and tire inflator. However, it lacks a cigarette lighter, which other users may find vital.

Overall, the GOOLOO compact jump starter GP37-plus is a compact and powerful unit that can be relied on to jump-start different vehicles and motorcycles.


  • Powerful enough to jump start most 12v vehicles
  • Very safe to use
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Short recharge time
  • LED light for illumination in the dark
  • Easy to operate


  • Several users have complained that the battery doesn’t last


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DBPOWER 600A Portable Car Jump Starter

DBPOWER 600A 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter

What We Liked Most About This Product

Featuring an LCD screen with a compass, the DBPOWER 600A portable car jump starter is another powerful and affordable unit.

It can be used to jump-start vehicles with up to 6.5L gas or 5.2L diesel engine. It is also one of the most user-friendly car battery chargers on the market as it displays results on the screen.

Product Overview

The DBPOWER 600A portable car jump starter is a sleek and compact unit that will easily fit in your glove box for storage. It has a 18000mAh capacity and a smart USB port that will quickly charge your laptop, mobile phone, and other electronic devices.

It is also safe to use as it is equipped with safety features like overload protection, over-charge protection, current protection, over-voltage protection, and short circuit protection.

Despite being affordable, this unit comes with heavy-duty terminal clamps and cables for longevity. It also has a built-in compass that helps in navigation when you’re stranded and don’t know where to head.

But just like any other jump starter on the market, you need to fully charge it before using it to jump-start your car.

Besides jump-starting your car, you can use this device to light a dark alley or illuminate your flat tire as you change it. The best part is that the DBPOWER 600A device comes with an exceptional 3-year warranty, and you can charge it up to 20 times.

With such wonderful features, this is a great bargain considering it has 600 amps of peak current. This is an excellent unit for jump-starting your car, motorcycle, or even van.


  • Easy to read LCD screen
  • Compact and lightweight for easy transportation
  • Safe to use with several safety features
  • Outstanding design
  • Compass for showing directions
  • Excellent 3-year warranty


  • Several users have complained that the battery weakens after some time
  • Not the best for heavy-duty vehicles


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TACKLIFE T8 800A Car Jumps Starter with LCD Screen

TACKLIFE T8 800A Peak 18000mAh Car Jump Starter

What We Liked Most About This Product

TACKLIFE T8 car jump starter is one of the most expensive units on the market, but it delivers great power and offers a wide range of features.

Unlike many car battery chargers on this list, this unit comes with an on/off switch that preserves the jump starter’s power and can hold a charge for up to 12 months.

Product Overview

Besides, the TACKLIFE T8 is very powerful as it delivers 800 amps peak current that can jump-start 12-volt cars, trucks, SUVs, or even Vans up to 30 times when fully charged. The unique design makes handling and storing the car battery charger easy. And if you wrongly connect the unit to the car battery, you will hear a buzzing sound and see a blinking light to alert you.

Additionally, the car jump starter can be utilized as an emergency light as it is equipped with very bright LEDs for different purposes. The red warning light can alert passers-by. The strobe mode is excellent for disorienting attackers, while the SOS mode can help you be found when your car completely fails in the middle of the woods.

The unit has an excellent standby; thus, it can be entirely relied on even if it’s not in use. To charge this jump starter, you will have to turn it on, or it won’t charge. And it takes just 4.5 hours to charge fully. It’s sleek and compact design is easy to handle and store in your backpack or glove box.

It is also easy to use as it has a digital LCD screen that displays results, and the built-in campus directs the user. Other accessories included in the purchase are a cigarette lighter socket adapter, wall charger, smart jumper cables, USB cable, car charger, and user manual.

With such amazing features and a 2-year warranty, this is a great investment for individuals looking for a durable and reliable portable car battery charger.


  • Durable construction
  • Easy to use with the LCD screen and campus
  • Short charge time of 4.5 hours
  • Compact and portable design
  • Safe to use with multiple protection features
  • Dual charging ports for recharging electronic devices
  • Light Indicator alerts you when there is a bad connection
  • 2-year warranty


  • Many users have complained that the battery doesn’t fully charge


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Clore Automotive JNC660 Jump Starter with Air Compressor

Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 Peak Amp 12 Volt Jump Starter

What We Liked Most About This Product

The Clore Automotive JNC660 jump starter is one of the most powerful portable car battery chargers. It delivers very high power output and has an extended cranking power of 425, which can jump-start a wide range of vehicles.

Besides, it also ensures a longer service life as it is well-made.

Product Overview

Unlike most portable car battery chargers on this list, the JNC660 jump starter is more of a traditional portable charger. This is because it lacks most features that the latest units come with.

An excellent example of such features includes USB ports and LED light. However, it has a 12-volt power output to power different accessories.

Also, using the unit is easy as it has a voltmeter on the front so that the user can view the battery’s status inside the car jump starter. On top of that, it has 46-inch heavy-duty, which is enough to go around most cars.

The built-in automatic charging function lets the user leave the device plugged-in and ready for an instant car jump start.

Even though this is a very durable and reliable portable car jump starter, it comes with a short-lived one-year warranty.


  • Simple to use
  • Durable construction
  • Automatic charging function
  • Excellent cranking power


  • Quite heavy
  • Complains about durability


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Portable Car Battery Buying Guide

To land the best portable car battery charger, you must know what vital features to look for. This is because there are so many devices to pick from, and you may end up making the wrong choice.

Finding a battery jump starter that meets your needs and budget will give you peace of mind. So, go through our guide and select the best possible portable car battery charger.

Power Output

Picking a car battery charger with the right power output is of great importance. Not only does power determine what types of vehicles you can jump-start, but as well the quality of the unit. The more powerful the jump starter, the more expensive it will be.

Some people look at power in terms of output, while others look at power in terms of amps produced. A good number of portable battery chargers on the market draw power from 12-volt batteries, and at the same time, most vehicles need at least 250 amps to start.

Cranking amps and peak amps

When choosing a battery charger, you need to ensure that it has cranking amps ideal for starting your car. Cranking amps indicate the first charge the device sends to your dead battery. Usually, this is lower than peak amps. On the other hand, peak amp is the quick-boost power delivered to your car battery when you turn the engine on.

Unlike cranking amps, the peak amps reduce when your car’s battery starts charging. Ensure that you pick the right car jump starter with the right cranking amps and peak amps. Cranking amp is normally lower than peak amps. A good portable car battery should have cranking amps of around 400 and peak amps of more than 800.

LED indicator

Another feature that is common with most of the latest portable car battery chargers is an LED light. This light helps the driver alert other people or see clearly for the unit’s easy connection to the car in a dark area.

Some jump starters also feature an indicator light that allows the user to know if the battery is done charging or needs recharging.

Besides, some units come with an alarm that alerts the user in case of reverse polarity.

Length of cable

Some people prefer car battery chargers with shorter cables while others prefer ones with longer cables. If you plan on starting your car with the battery on the ground, then you’re better off with a longer cable.

But if you want to start your car with the jump starter on a flat surface on the car, such as on the engine bay, then a shorter cable is okay.


Not only do you need to protect your batteries but as well as yourself. That’s why you need to consider choosing a car battery charger with protection.

Most of the latest car jump starters feature protective functions like reverse polarity protection, clamp amps, spark-proof clamps, float mode, and battery tester.

Ease of use

Since not every driver is well-versed with a car’s mechanical aspects, it is vital to select a simple and quick device. Features such as a light indicator when the battery is full can be of great help.


Don’t base on the price when looking for a quality and reliable portable car battery charger for your car. Look for the features that you want, and it should provide enough power to start your vehicle. High-end units deliver more amps and are more expensive than low-end units with fewer amps.


Is it okay to use a jump starter on any vehicle?

No, it is not. You need to consider how many amps the vehicle needs to start and its voltage. For amps, you can choose a portable car battery charger with more amps than the one your car requires. For instance, if your vehicle needs 200 CCA, you can go for a unit with 400 CCA or even more.

But for voltage, it needs to match with that of your vehicles. For instance, if your car has a 12-volt system, you should select a unit that delivers 12-volts and not 24-volts.

How many amps do I require to start a car?

This depends on your car and what cranking amp it requires to start. Different cars have different needs, with small vehicles requiring around 150 cold-cranking amps while larger vehicles are requiring at least 400 cold-cranking amps.

For instance, if your car needs 400 amps, you can select a unit that delivers 450 or 800 amps. Always go for higher amps as a car jump starter with lower amps won’t be able to start a car with higher amp needs than what is being delivered.

Other things to consider are the size of the engine and the age of the vehicle.

How do I jump-start my car?

You have to start by making the necessary connections. Connect the red clamp to the positive terminal on the battery and then connect the black clamp to the car battery’s negative terminal.

Turn on the jump starter and ensure that the charging wires and jump starter are not close to any moving part.

Finally, you can start your car, disconnect the jump starter, and drive off. Note that the portable car battery charger does not charge your car battery but only delivers a peak charge to start it.

How long should it take to jump-start a car?

Two main things determine how fast your car jump-starts. These include the amperes the jump starter delivers and the state of the battery. The higher the amperage, the quicker your car will start. Also, a battery in good condition will start faster than a battery in a horrible state.

Another determinant of how fast your car starts is the temperatures of the environment that you’re in. If it’s too cold, then it might take a little while to jump-start your car.

The good news is that portable jump starters don’t take long, and an LED indicator light will let you know when to jump-start after connecting the cables.

Which one is the better – lead-acid or lithium-ion battery?

There are usually two types of portable car battery chargers or jump starters: lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. The type of battery you choose depends on your car’s needs and preferences.

The lithium-ion battery charger is the most popular, and it is lightweight, compact, and very portable. On the other hand, lead-acid jump starters are quite heavy but provide a compressor and other advanced features.

When it comes to power, lead-acid is the most powerful as they can start vehicles of any size in extreme conditions such as severe cold. But when it comes to lithium-ion units, they are only suitable for small to medium-sized cars.

However, they are incredibly portable and effortless to keep. Also, they come with features such as USB ports, LED flashlights, and reverse polarity protection.

Bottom Line

As a driver, having a portable car battery charger is crucial as you don’t know when your car battery will fail.

So, choose the best portable jump-starter for your vehicle and needs so that you can not only jump-start your car when the battery dies abruptly but as well as charge your smartphone or even your laptop.

To select the best car battery charger, check the car engine’s size, and pick a unit with the right cranking amps and voltage. Some of the best units have LED light, USB charging port, and reverse polarity feature, which makes using the unit to be fun and reliable.

We hope you’ve found a portable car battery charger that meets both your needs and budget.